Asus RT AC3200 Tri-band Router Setup

If you’re looking for a standalone internet network router for your Android, iOS, laptops, and other devices in your home or business, the Asus ac3200 router is the finest option. The Asus ac3200 router outperforms the competition because to its tri-band router technology, which allows you to stream on several devices at once without lagging. Besides it, there’s a lot more technology packed in the Asus ac3200 router. You may wonder how to install Asus RT-AC3200 Tri-Band Router Setup.

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Getting Asus Setup is the first and foremost step to get on with the network connection. Here’s a complete guide about How to setup Asus Router.

Hardware Asus setup of the Asus ac3200 router:

The contents would be Asus Router, Ac Adaptor and Ethernet cables along with Six Antennas for our Asus Login.

  1. Firstly, put up the antennas and get them affixed to the router itself. Remember to position them up faced.
  2. Now, fix AC Adapter with the power source point and switch ON the power button.
  3. Subsequently, there are four Gigabyte Ethernet ports to connect any wired device.
  4. On its left, there would be a wanne or the internet source which would be connected to the Ethernet cable pending from the modem.
  5. And lastly, there would be an optional USB port. If you have any USB operated device, you can connect it to the port.

So, we are done with the hardware setup part.

Asus Router Login Steps

Now we are moving ahead for the Asus Login or the Software setup part. The really great thing we have in this router is that we don’t need any external software to Asus Login. There is been already an inbuilt software for Asus Setup. 

How to setup asus router, asus setup, asus login, asus RT-AC3200 Tri-Band Router, Asus ac3200 router.

  1. Now, turn on the WiFi of the device on which you want to run your internet connection.
  2. You will find that there is “Asus WPS” available which would be broadcasted by the Asus Router.
  3. You would see that there is no security protection as this is the initial setup signal. Simply click “connect”.
  4. Now, open up your preferred browser on your device. You will find that the overall initial setup is been started.
  5. Press “Go” and put a router login name and as well as password and then repeat the password. Then hit the “Next” button.
  6. Now, get into the Asus RT-AC3200 Tri-Band Router login page. You can use the web address or use IP address and press the ‘enter’ key.
  7. Once again choose Network Name and Network Key and hit the “Apply” button.
  8. It will lead to knock off your internet connection and you will have to reconnect back to the wireless signal. Put the password you chose previously.

How to reset and change the Asus router login password?

If you’ve altered the router’s default credentials and then forgotten them, you’ll need to restore the router’s default settings. The admin details will be reset to factory settings if the router is reset.

  • To begin, locate the Asus router’s reset button.
  • With a paperclip, press and hold the button for around 4-5 seconds.
  • Allow the router to fully reboot after pressing the reset button.
  • Connect the Ethernet connection from the router to the PC.
  • To get started, open a browser and type into the address bar.
  • Use the Asus default username and password to log in.
  • Then, on the basic home page, look for the Admin Settings.
  • Select Change Password from the System drop-down menu.
  • Enter a new admin password and confirm it by typing it again.
  • Now, click the Apply button to save the Asus device’s admin settings.

Asus RT-AC3200 Router Reset Instructions

The procedure for resetting an Asus router is rather straightforward. A little button on the bottom or side panel of your router can be used to reset it to its factory settings. All of your customised settings will be reset to factory defaults. To reset your router to factory defaults, follow the instructions outlined below.
  • Press the reset button on the router with a paperclip or a pointed pin.
  • For around 10-20 seconds, press and hold the button.
  • The Asus router’s power LED will begin to blink.
  • Try to reconfigure the router after releasing the button.


And, your Asus setup is accomplished. Enjoy the barrier less streaming experience on your devices. Yet, if you are not sure about how to setup asus router, you can resolve your issues by doing live chat with our team. You can also call us on our toll-free number if you are finding any problem in setting up your Asus RT-AC3200 Tri-Band Router.

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