How to fix the Asus router orange light error?

Asus router blinking orange LED glitch is faced by several users. If you also face this issue and are tired of finding solution then you need to focus on this guide. Get complete information on how to fix the Asus router orange light error.

Reasons why the Asus router flashing orange light

if your Asus router blinking orange for more than 3 minutes then it is important for you to fix it. But before you can fix the issue you must know the reason causing the issue. Sometimes, connectivity between the Asus router and modem can result in orange LED on the Asus device. Another reason could be the outdated firmware file. Due to many reasons, your Asus router can blink orange light.

  • No internet connectivity
  • Physical connection problem
  • Outdated or corrupt firmware
  • Hardware failure

How to fix the Asus router orange light error?

When you are stuck with the Asus router flashing orange error, you can perform the following troubleshooting methods.

Checking the internet connection-

The first obvious step is to check the internet connectivity. Check that you’re getting proper ‘internet connectivity. Make sure there’s no issue from your ISP end. Connect your laptop directly to the modem and try to load a web page. If the internet is working, there’s no problem with your modem. In case, you were not able to load a web page, you need to call your ISP for help.

How to fix the asus orange light error

Checking the physical connection

The next step is to rule out the obvious. We often tend to overlook this step.

  • Check the connection between the Asus router and modem. 
  • Ethernet cable should be plugged on both sides accurately.
  • You must also check the connection of your laptop to the Asus wifi SSID.If possible, use a wired method to connect your laptop to Asus router

Updating the Asus firmware

The next step to fix the Asus router blinking orange light is updating the firmware for your Asus router. At times, your Asus router flashes orange light if it is working on an outdated firmware.

  1. Get the latest firmware file for your Asus router by visiting the Asus official site.
  2. Next, you need to pull up a web browser after connecting your device to the Asus router.
  3. Then,enter and access the Asus router setup wizard.
  4. Next,click on the ‘Manual Firmware Upgrade’ option and upload the downloaded file.

Reset your Asus router

If none of the above-given steps help you to resolve the ‘Asus router flashing orange’ issue then you can do a reset on your Asus device. You can either use a web-browser method or use a reset button to perform a factory reset on your Asus router.

In conclusion-

In this guide, we have provided some easy solutions to help you how to fix the Asus router orange light error. If you still have any issues with your device, you can contact our tech experts. Your valuable feedback, comments, and queries are always welcome.Th

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