Quick Internet Setup to set up PPPoE

We can easily set up PPPoE by using QIS (Quick Internet Setup). Before following the steps on how to do this, you have knowledge on what is this PPPoE actually means. The full form of PPPoE is Point to Point Protocol over the Internet. PPPoE is basically used to connect more than one user on an Ethernet LAN (Local Area Network) to a remote site with the help of a device called a modem. You can also do this with other devices similar to a modem. PPP (Point to Point Protocol) mainly used in dial-up connection combines with the Ethernet protocol and makes PPPoE. The main function of PPPoE is to provide Internet connection to multiple users over LAN. Tunneling is a method used by PPPoE. It works similar to the virtual private networking tunneling protocol such as Point to Point Tunneling Protocol.

Follow the steps given below to setup:

  1. Try to use the wired connection for this process. Ensure that all the wires of the router are connected properly and plugged in properly.
  2. Secondly, Go to the configuration page of the router and click on option Go.
  3. Type a new password and confirm the new password in the respective field and click on Next button.
  4. The computer system automatically detects the Internet Connection type. Click on Next.
  5. Enter the username and password for PPPoE provided by your Internet Service Provider in the username and password field respectively.
  6. Fill up the SSID and password of your wireless router in the respective fields. Click on the apply button.
  7. Next, click on next button.
  8. A login page appears. Type the username and password then click on the login button.
  9. The process is complete now or in other words configuration is finished.
  10. Finally, now you are able to access the Internet.

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